Through the Cobweb Forest

by Connie Toebe and Lisa Stock

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Through the Cobweb Forest Film
  (currently in pre-production)
The online flash world of Through the Cobweb Forest is being brought to life through the art of stop motion animation.  Connie Toebe will animate this magic realist world from Lisa Stock's expanded script.  Follow Helena through the Cobweb Forest and discover all that it has to reveal and how it will change her own expectations and beliefs.  Check back in the coming months for more exciting news on the production!


Through the Cobweb Forest is a Flash website. If you can't see the mermaid waving her tail above, please click the link below to download the free Adobe Flash player.
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For those of you who are new to Flash, be aware that your back and forward buttons might not work. The website was designed to be used with the buttons within the site. You won't experience the full effect if you use the forward and back buttons.

To scroll through Helena's letters, simply click and drag. Be sure to click on all the buttons and move your mouse around all over - you never know what you might find. Finally, for the complete Cobweb Forest experience, be sure to turn your sound on. Enjoy!


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Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you!


©2006 Connie Toebe & Lisa Stock