A Beginners Guide To Episode: Select Your Story- Effective Ways

Episode: Choose Your Story is a mobile game supported stories you make! One can perfectly enjoy the stories created by their own exciting ways and actions to improve more skills.

There’s no got to pay cash to transfer and to play the game.  Going with correct beginner’s guide permits you to induce tuned in to all options and mechanics of play.

With that one can enjoy more by playing and can reduce much strain.


Without using game currency, one cannot even run the game and cannot unlock the Story. Two types of currencies are used in the game which allows a user to open the stories a character.

Also, form that they can make their decisions when there is any problem comes. In simple words, we can say that the whole game depends upon its currencies. Moreover, in order to know the real and legit ways to get these currencies for free, you can read the whole blog of Top 4 Episode Cheats For Instant Gems and Passes published recently.

  1.  Passes
  2.  Gems

Passes is considered as crucial currency of the game from which one can unlock multiple stories. To earn this kind of currency one needs to wait for 4 hours as a player gets one pass after complete four hours.

It is recommended to use this currency with more thinking as it refills hard in the game. Without it, one cannot unlock the stories and cannot enjoy more variations.

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Gems are considered as the premium currency of the game from which the actions can be created. One who needs to create their own actions and decisions need to use this currency.

It is recommended to collect this currency in the right amount as it can be used anytime. To earn this currency, one needs to complete daily tasks and need to watch free advertisements.


  • Such stories improve real-life skills of players and provide lots of fun!
  • Some chapters contain inappropriate content that you need to avoid and close.
  • Try to open good stories.

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