How to Earn More Sweatcoins Quickly While Walking?

Earn Free Sweatcoins Legally

Sweatcoin is a great application for recording all your physical activities and footsteps. The great feature of this application is that it pays more rewards for your outdoor physical activates or for walking steps.

The more you walk or exercise, it provides more cash, digital coins, and gifts. Yes, it is possible just by exercising and waking you is able to earn currencies.

It may be an excellent motivation for those people who want to stay fit and healthy always.

What actually a Sweatcoin is?

Sweatcoin is a mobile application made for both iOS and Android devices that track your outdoor steps and pays you digital currency.

Digital currency can be redeemed into rewards, gifts, and cash or for another purpose. Don’t panic you don’t need to open the application all the times when you walk as it’ll run in the background and consumes less battery.

This application needs to access your phone GPS and accelerometer. Also, there is no need to pay any cent for downloading or running the app as it is entirely free available.

Ways to Earn More Sweatcoins

Here we are going to mention top sweatcoin hack and tricks to make more Sweatcoins while walking outdoor.

·         Turn off battery saver

While walking outdoors, don’t forget to turn off battery saver option in your Smartphone. It allows Sweatcoin application to check your steps without losing any step count.

So if you want to run this application correctly; try to turn off battery saver while walking. It permits all the users to add all walking steps without losing any single one.

·         Always run the app in the background

Don’t clear the application from background running if you want application to count all steps. Cleaning the app from background running doesn’t offer any coin for walking o exercising.

No matter where you are going either in the house of the building just keeps on the application in the background for earning more.

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·         Run in a continent speed

Some people are complaining of losing steps due to running speed. They are suggested to walk or run in continent speed, which allows you to add all steps.

As the application uses GPS and Accelerometer to count steps sometimes, it misses up due to fast running speed. Sweatcoin algorithm doesn’t offer any gift above a specific speed limit.

It’s beneficial for you to run a bit slower for obtaining more advantage without facing any motivation issue.

·         Put the phone inside your pocket

If you are placing your phone in a shirt’s pocket or hoodies pocket, you’ll lose some steps for sure. The user should wear short pants and place phone in pant’s pocket to make sure you don’t miss any single step.

It is considered as the best tip for getting more Sweatcoins without getting stressed.

·         Don’t walk close to tall buildings

According to research, it is studied that walking closer to tall buildings don’t count any step due to missing GPS connection.

It plays a vital role when it comes to earning more Sweatcoins while running or walking. To avoid this miss-happening try to walk on specific track away from main cities where there are less tall buildings.

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