Types Of Currencies Used In Monster Legends- Mobile Game!

A type of battle game upgraded by game industry in order to offer more enjoyment for game lovers is Monster Legends. The game can be played on any Android or iOS device or can be played through browsers and Facebook.

There are more of monsters available, which off you need to make an army and battle with different opponents. The first one you need to create an island and army of the different beast for enjoying the battles.

On the main base you need to create, grow, train and feed the army for leveling up and to upgrade various skills. It barely enables a person to reduce all mental stress for developing real-life skills. To play the game smoothly and to buy various upgraded items one need to collect three currencies.

  • Gems
  • Food
  • Gold

Each currency has its role in the game to buy various items and attacks. It’s tough to get all the currencies more but many ways are available which helps a user more.


It is considered as the premium currency of the game from which a user can upgrade their monsters at the top level. With that, they can easily complete various levels by making a stronger army. To earn the gems one can, perform such task: –

  • Level up through more experience.
  • Fight opponents on the adventure map.
  • Fight with different dragons.
  • Clear island to find a gem

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Gold and food

Gold is considered as the primary currency of the game from which you can feed, train and upgrade the skills of monsters. There is no need to worry more about collecting it as one can improve daily performance for various tasks.

Know how to hack monster legends for daily currencies in the game. You need to complete daily bonus, missions, levels or achievements to earn more gold or food. Also, one needs to log in the game every day to collect daily rewards.

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